Coming up with original social media post ideas for business can be quite challenging especially if you do not have a social media manager.

There is the recurrent need for fresh ideas to keep your followers informed

and entertained.

If you have suddenly run out of ideas for the best social media posts for business, you are like everyone else out there.

It happens all the time.

But you can now make a difference.

Here are some engaging social media posts ideas and tips for awesome content to help when you have gone dry on your resources.


1 – Let your customers in on a business secret


Let your customers in on a business secret


Show your fans how you work on a certain product or service that they love. Let them see what happens behind the scenes. It can get your fans talking and sharing all day.

It will also have the effect of making your customers feel that they are part of what you do.


2 – Ask your fans what they want


Ask you fans what they want


As crazy as this may sound, it works.

If you have run out of new content ideas, why not ask your fans what

they would like to read?

It will not only give you a ton of ideas from the hundreds if not thousands of

comments you get, but you will also be able to tell the exact needs of your customers.


3 – Ask your readers for feedback


Ask your readers for feedback


You might be running a survey on your site but not getting much feedback on it.

Try taking the same on social media but a little twist to it.

Get creative with the picture you choose to use on the post.

It might be just what you need because people like engaging on social media.

I know I’m not the only one who likes reading other people’s comments.


4 – Run a Twitter or Facebook poll


Run a Facebook or Twitter poll


Setting up a poll on Facebook or Twitter can help you find out the preferences of your customers.

You can also use polls to know what your followers think about certain subjects.

Though not an ideal mode of conducting market research, you can still draw some important data to help your business in the long run.


5 – Feature an employee on your business page


Feature an employee on your business page


If you have employees, featuring them on posts can work wonders.

Once your employees know what you are up to, pick any one of them at random and do a post about them.

Share a picture of them at the office and introduce them to the world.

Let your followers know the faces behind the various departments of your company.

This presents an opportunity for you to grow a community made up

of your employees and your customers.


6 – Keep your fans updated with company news


Keep your fan updated with company news


Your business might not be that big for the media to run stories on, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing it.

Do short posts of current happenings like a new product coming up, milestones achieved and so on.

Keeping your customers informed about what you are doing or have recently done makes them feel like you are there for the long run.

You can choose to do this weekly so that your followers can have something to look forward to.

If there is not much to report about your business, go ahead and post news about your industry.


7 – Relive business memories with your followers


Relive business memories with followers


The best way to do this is to post a picture of your company’s first days.

You can do this on Thursdays to take advantage of the Throwback Thursday hashtag (#tbt).


8 – Set up a caption contest



Set up a caption contest


Simply post a photo and ask your fans to caption it.

The purpose of this kind of post is to build up engagement on your page.

You can post something else like important news of a product release shortly after the engagement has picked up.

It is likely that all the people following the caption contest will read the next immediate post.


9 – Post a random picture of yourself


Post a random picture of yourself


If you are a one-person business, make a random post that shows you are a real person.

Show them what you did during the weekend or how you start your Monday mornings.

This will help your followers relate to you as they would with their friends.

It gives your business a warm and personal touch.


10 – Inspire your audience with motivational quotes


Inspire your audience with motivational quotes


Everyone feels down sometimes, and with a huge following on social media, there must be a fan or two who could do with some motivation.

You can create your own, watermark it, then post it and wait for your

followers to share it all over.

It’s a good way to get the word out about your business.


11 – Fill-in-the-blank posts


Fill-in the blank posts


Ask a question with blank space and leave it for your followers to fill.

You can choose to provide choices below the question or just let imaginations run wild. This is a good way to stir up some serious engagement online or just to get to know how much your customers know about your business.


12 – Post a product tutorial


Post a product tutorial


Once in a while, share a post on how to use a certain product or service that you provide.

You might find that customers have questions about the product or service that you never knew about.

When users share such a post, you are definitely going to have some new customers. It is a marketing tip that has worked for big players in the beauty and cosmetics industry.


13 – Share customer reviews


Share customer reviews


Pick a good customer review of your product or service and share it on your page.

Include a picture of the product or service and a snippet of the review.

This trick works like a paid ad. You might start receiving positive reviews from fans who want to appear on your page.

It is even possible to address a negative review on social media. Tell your customers how your company has fixed something they have been complaining about.


14 – Memes




There is no harm in cheering your followers up with some original or borrowed memes.

You can use memes to stir up engagement or to promote a product if you are creative enough.


15 – Ask-me-anything posts


Ask me anything posts


Try this one during your free time because you will have to answer a ton of funny, serious, and sometimes weird questions.

The good part is that you don’t have to answer all of them right away.

When you answer questions from your customers, you let them know that you really care.


16 – Ask your followers to “Like” and “Share”


Ask your followers to like and share


Stir up some interaction on a post that you think might go viral. The aim of asking your followers to like a post and share it with friends is to keep the conversation alive. It is a good method of spreading the word about your online presence.


17 – Set up a selfie challenge


Selfie challenge


Begin by asking a handful of your most loyal customers to take selfies holding or doing something with your product. The moment they share the pictures on your page, it will just be a matter of time before the

challenge picks up.

More people will be running to buy your product just for the sake of participating in the challenge.


18 – Business Social Engagement


Business social engagement


Every good business should give back to society.

If there is a cause that your business is into, share the pictures showing what you do.

Encourage your followers to do good for humanity and be a leader in making a difference in the world.

You can also invite customers who stay near the place you are visiting just for the sake of keeping in touch. It is a good thing for business when your customers are part of what you do for others.


19 – Share statistics and fun facts


Shares statistic and fun facts


Do some research and share some of what you find with your followers.

It portrays you as informed and knowledgeable.

You can choose something in your industry and twist it to suit your business.

People love knowing new things, so chances are you will get some really good responses.


20 – Have an influencer promote you


Have an influencer promote you


If you are just starting off, it might be challenging to get followers on social media.

Influencers can help you here by mentioning you or your business in a number of your posts.

Even if you are not out to gain more followers, partnering with a popular person on a social media campaign is a good social media marketing



21 – Use of popular hashtags


Use popular hashtags


Keep track of ongoing conversations on social media to know which topics are trending.

Just make sure the moment is right and jump in on the conversation.

Curate your posts well to make them as relevant to your business as possible.


22 – Share coupons


Share Coupons


If you have never tried this, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Share a coupon of a product and watch the news spread all over.

The best way to go about it is to link the post to your website where visitors

will run to get hold of it.


23 – Share a link back to your blog


Share a link back your blog


It might be something you have written or something you read, but it has to be relevant to your business or industry.

Think of this as a way of keeping your followers informed. You can ask them to share the post if they liked it.


In Conclusion


It is an endless world of possibilities. All you have to do is go beyond the normal and try out new stuff. With these social media posts examples, it will be a long time before you go dry again.